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July 2014

Protecting Your Business

Remove clutter in your workspace and take a good look at your security and safety issues.

Don't become lax with security on slow days.

Use a high quality functional security camera system.

Test all locks, gates, doors and windows to ensure that they are locked properly.

Meet and Greet with North Miami's
Chaplains and Citizens' Mobile Patrol

Chief Burgess and his Command Staff visited each of North Miami's summer camps. They played friendly games of basketball at the Joe Celestin Center and Keystone Park. In addition, officers from the Community Services Section visited each camp and made educational presentations on life skills and safety issues.


To report a crime or
Call 911 or 305.891.8111

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Housing Violations

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The North Miami Police Department is looking for committed volunteers to become Chaplains or to join our Citizens' Mobile Patrol (CMP).

If you are interested, please contact Gary Eugene, Staff Coordinator 305.891.0294.

Keep the City of North Miami Beautiful
City Code 9-12/13

Trash can only be placed out 24-hours ahead of your scheduled pick-up.
Trash cans must be removed within 24-hours after your scheduled pick-up.
Trash cans cannot be stored in the front half of your property.
Landscapers or contractors may not place items out for the city to collect.




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