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The North Miami Police Department’s “Officers of the Month” for March 2012  are Officers Dagoberto “Guido” Andollo and Jean Sosa, who are currently assigned to the Community Patrol Section, Marine Patrol.  Sergeant Pete Dominguez nominated them for their hard work and dedication in the following case:

Recently, Officers Andollo and Sosa got information from one of their informants concerning the availability to purchase a large amount of marijuana from the Bahamas. They immediately contacted DEA with their information and formulated a plan to seize the narcotics and prevent its entry into the United States. After approximately a month of planning surveillance and controlled phone calls to the Bahamas, a boat trip to the island was arranged by them and DEA officials.  They utilized the confidential informant and a vessel that had been confiscated by the North Miami Police Department.  Also accompanying the undercover boat was a CBP Agency aircraft and a highly sophisticated marine vessel. 

On the evening of the operation, and after a few hours of reaching their pre-arranged location within Bahamian waters, a group of smugglers arrived in a separate vessel and quickly transferred 500 pounds of marijuana onto the undercover boat.  Two of the smugglers jumped aboard the undercover boat and told the confidential informant they were returning back to the United States with him.  Officers Andollo and Sosa, who had considered this possibility, had provided the informant with certain codes which alerted the police officials on the operation of the development.  The informant was able to secretly provide information concerning the number of smugglers aboard and whether they were armed.  Using this information, the Customs & border Protection Marine Group was prepared to approach the vessel as it entered United States waters and intercept the smugglers and narcotics before reaching land.  The achievement of the operation resulted in the seizure of 500 pounds of marijuana, a street value of $500,000, two drug smugglers and additional intelligence involving key targets identified in Jamaica and in the United States.

Officers Andollo and Sosa were chosen as Officers of the Month for March 2012 and will be honored at the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon, held monthly at the Miami Shores Country  Club on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at Noon.






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