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Annual Alarm Equipment Registration

The City of North Miami now requires all alarm equipments to be registered annually.  There is a $25 registration fee.   

Click here to register today or register by phone at 1.877.665.2987.  You will be billed for the registration fee as online payments are not possible at this time.

About the North Miami False Alarm Reduction Program

In December 2011, the city of North Miami introduced a new program to reduce false alarms and police responses.

In recent years, false alarms account for approximately 98% of all alarm calls.  These false alarms divert law enforcement resources from crimes in progress, other emergency situations and time spent patrolling assigned areas.

North Miami residents and businesses are now required by ordinance to register their alarm systems annually.  All alarm equipment (residential and commercial) must be registered. The cost is $25 annually. failure to register will result in a fine of $100 up to $500.

With an average of 2,500 false alarms per year, the North Miami Police Department loses over 1,700 hours of officer patrol time to false alarms each year.  The false alarm reduction program has proven to help manage and reduce the amount of false alarms in communities throughout the nation.   The program will allow officers to spend more time actually fighting crime rather than responding to false alarms. 

As part of the false alarm reduction program, North Miami Police will track the number of false alarms from any one property.  In cases where police respond to three or more false alarms per year, the registered alarm user will face a series of graduated fines, ranging from $25 to $500 for each violation.  Excessive repeated false alarms (six or more in a year) may result in suspension of response, which means North Miami Police will no longer respond to alarm calls at that location.  Proof will then have to be provided to the police that the alarm has been repaired and tested.

"Our police officers must take each and every alarm call seriously.  In nearly every case, however, our officers arrive to discover a false alarm caused by accident or error,” said Police Chief Marc Elias Jr.  “This new program will help to ensure that officers are available to patrol our neighborhoods and respond to emergencies.”

To register your alarm in the North Miami False Alarm Reduction Program, visit or call 1.877.665.2987.

For more information about the North Miami False Alarm Reduction Program go to or call the North Miami Code Compliance Office at 305.895.8932 for more details on the False Alarm Reduction Program.     

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